My Oc'sEdit

  1. Sin- truthful,protective,honest,would shred anyone who passes his rule, died at a young age because of a battle between both packs.
  2. Raven- Old, leader of his clan, died protecting his loved ones, he passed on a great legacy.
  3. Titan-daredevil, untruthful, he didn't get so far in life, he got banned from his old clan.
  4. Thunder'paw- had a great mentor, he lived longer than I thought he would, Thunder'paw would Encourage other cats in his clans to do best.
  5. Venom- Terrible, not trusted, not worthy of others, loved his mate and pups.
  6. Kyo- He was banished from his pack, from double packing, he was kind but unworthy to his own kind.
  7. Hawk- Commander of his pack, kind but strict, heartless, never had a mate before, was a dangered species.
  8. Kovu- was big and strong, loved his pack, very loyal to others in his pack and too his mate.
  9. Orbit- A sly cat but never should be trusted, loyal to his sister but never to others.
  10. Rowan- Would die for his pack no matter the cost, he would never give up, he would try other things, protective, loyal, would shred anyone if told too.
  11. Max-Loved playing with his young brother and sister, didn't have any parents they died protecting them, he would do anything to protect his sister and brother.